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CAPRICORN ♑️ Smokey Quartz Manifestation Candle🕯

CAPRICORN ♑️ Smokey Quartz Manifestation Candle🕯

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Klaritybykai Signature Coconut Soy Crystal Manifestation Candle 🕯

Manifestation candles are a tool to manifest your desires. Representing fire – something used in rituals all over the world because of its ability to transform one thing into another – an intention candle has the metaphorical power to transform your mindset.

Perfect for all the Ambitious Capricorns ♑️ who want to add an extra layer of “Zen, Protection and Healing”🎋 into their life.

• This 9oz manifestation candle has three important affirmations, “I will have stability, I am Ambitious, I am Postivity”

• This manifestation candle is infused with the highly healing Crystal Smokey Quartz and blessed with Palo Santo.

• Smoky quartz is a supportive healing aid that helps you let go of the past and move confidently toward a brighter future. It strengthens your wisdom and It symbolizes courage, grounding, balance, and stability. Smoky quartz is believed to help clear negative energy in an area or a person wearing it. It is also said to provide insight into one's self by helping them become more aware of their inner feelings and strengths as well as weaknesses.

Not to mention how amazing Bamboo Coconut and Ginger is when you turn it on. 🕯🤍 

comes with your candle wicker cutter and snuffer🤎


Wishing the person who gets this candle light and love 💗 

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