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(Thursday-Sunday ONLY) — Kai’s Love❤️Full Length Reading📖 (Largest Read)

(Thursday-Sunday ONLY) — Kai’s Love❤️Full Length Reading📖 (Largest Read)

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This reading is available for purchase on Thursday- Sunday due to my new schedule 

Thus reading is for those who want to see whatever comes out for them in regarding their current love life. This is my largest reading as I am tapping into your energy and your persons energy/feelings for you. These messages will help you understand what you would need to know, be reminded of, what’s coming in on your current or upcoming love life. 

This full length reading is a Video Link with a Password so please either have your phone # or email so it can be sent to you for you to watch. The link expires after 3 days.


This reading includes: 

Moon Message 

3 Cards | 3 Clarifications Cards for your energy 

3 Cards | 3 Clarifications Cards for your persons energy or the person coming in/ connecting to.

Hidden Truth for you | Hidden truth for your person.

Lovers Oracle Message for you | Lovers Oracle Message for your person.  

Romance Angel Message for you | Romance Angel Message for your person.

1 more Clarification card for you and for your person

Heart Shaped Oracle Love message for you and your person to end the read.





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