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PISCES ♓️ Aquamarine Manifestation Candle 🕯️

PISCES ♓️ Aquamarine Manifestation Candle 🕯️

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Klaritybykai Signature Coconut Soy Crystal Manifestation Candle 🕯

Manifestation candles are a tool to manifest your desires. Representing fire – something used in rituals all over the world because of its ability to transform one thing into another – an intention candle has the metaphorical power to transform your mindset.

Perfect for all the Empathic PISCES ♓️ who want to add an extra layer of “Zen, Protection and Healing”🎋 into their life.

• This 9oz manifestation candle has three important affirmations, “I am Transforming, I am Hopeful, I am Resilient”

• This manifestation candle is infused with the highly healing Crystal Aqua Marine and blessed with Palo Santo.

Not to mention how amazing Ocean Breeze is when you turn it on. 🕯🤍



Wishing the person who gets this candle light and love 💗 

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