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TAURUS ♉️ Rainbow Fluorite Manifestation Candle🕯️

TAURUS ♉️ Rainbow Fluorite Manifestation Candle🕯️

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Klaritybykai Signature Coconut Soy Crystal Manifestation Candle 🕯

Manifestation candles are a tool to manifest your desires. Representing fire – something used in rituals all over the world because of its ability to transform one thing into another – an intention candle has the metaphorical power to transform your mindset.

Perfect for all the Rational Taurus’s♉️who want to add an extra layer of “Zen, Protection and Healing”🎋 into their life.

• This 9oz manifestation candle has three important affirmations, “I am unconditional love, I am Safe, I am Humble”

• This manifestation candle is infused with the highly healing Rainbow Fluorite  and blessed with Palo Santo.

• Rainbow 🌈 Fluorite as a healing stone, it is said to increase mystic vision, spiritual balance and intuition. Bringing on  powerful healing and balancing to your mind, body and spirit. This beautiful colorful stone helps promote spiritual detoxification abilities and has the tendency to transform negative energy into positive energy, boosting our mental Klarity and promoting peace of mind. 

Not to mention how amazing Bamboo Coconut and Ginger is when you turn it on. 🕯🤍


Wishing the person who gets this candle light and love 💗 

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